Switching to Chrome for development

Just a quick post to mention that I’ve switched from Firefox to Google Chrome 4 (still in beta) as my development browser on Windows. Several clientside developers recommend using Safari (on Mac) as your main development platform and whenever I’m using my Mac, I’ve seen the wisdom in that. However, on Windows, Safari has two major issues that annoy the hell out of me:
1. It crashes too often
2. It opens external links in a new window instead of a new tab

Chrome doesn’t have these issues and it also uses the Webkit rendering engine. It’s also the fastest browser available on Windows.

The biggest problem with Chrome 3 is that it doesn’t allow adding new style rules through the developer tools. Chrome 4 has updated to a newer version of the Webkit Inspector, which does offer this functionality (and several other new stuff), so all in all, Chrome seems to have become the best development environment on Windows with the latest installment.

It does take some getting used to when you’re used to working with Firebug for years, but hey, change is good, according to Obama.