Promoting JavaScript documentation

Here’s a little help for improving search results for people looking for JavaScript documentation!

JavaScript JS Documentation: JS Array forEach, JavaScript Array forEach, JS Array .forEach, JavaScript Array .forEach

So what is this all about? At JSConf.EU, Chris Williams (JSConf US organizer) gave a closing speech about that the javascript community needed to come together to promote knowledge of javascript, so that people who want to come into the community, can learn about the language as a whole, instead of some form of javascript (like jQuery). One way to do that is to get the Mozilla Developer Center documentation higher in the Google search results for searches like “javascript”, “javascript documentation” or specific javascript elements, such as Arrays. That is what the promotejs banner is about. At the promotejs website you can find code to place a banner to specific pages in the MDC JavaScript documentation. By placing this banner on your site, you increase the value of that link from Google’s point of view and thus help getting good documentation at the top of the search results!

As a JavaScript developer, I sincerely support this effort and I hope it will help to give new JavaScript developers the knowledge they need to advance their knowledge. I know that, even at my knowledge level of the language, I can still learn some good things from the documentation, so for someone new, it will most definitely be a great way to understand the actual language, instead of some framework built with the language.